Here are a few Dhamma-talks. Initially, I thought to talk only about Abhidhamma, but I now changed my approach and intent to record talks about other Dhamma-topics as well.

Still, the majority of talks are specifically about explaining the basic ideas of the Abhidhamma. “Overview over the Abhidhamma” and “Abhidhamma-talk Basic“ give a basic overview, trying to show the Vision of the Abhidhamma, that is, the vision of being able to explain the entirety of existence (Sorry about the poor quality of these, I intend to record a talk of the same kind in the future). “Overview over the Abhidhamma” is especially an explanatory talk to the book Paramattha, which can be found under menu heading “Books”. You also can download the talks using the download button.

I am working on giving some talk about each of the Paṭṭhāna conditions. If I succeed, you will find the playlist below growing.

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  • The Four Elements of Wisdom Download
  • Hetu Paccaya - Condition of Inner Establishments Download
  • Latency and Manifestation as Patthana Conditions Download
  • Synchronicity as a Patthana Condition Download
  • Imagination and Visualisation - Their Difference and Purpose Download
  • 22 Faculties of Buddhist Abhidhamma Download
  • The Four Noble Truths Download
  • Semi-Buddhist Cosmology Download
  • The Spiritual Side to Giving Download
  • Abhidhamma-talk Basic Download
  • Condition of Sequences Download
  • Condition of Interdependence Download
  • Condition of Kamma Download
  • Condition of Being/Non-Being Download
  • Overview over the Abhidhamma Download