Paramattha - A Guidebook for Consciousness

Abhidhamma Book Cover

This Abhidhamma book offers a modern take on the Abhidhamma system, blending ancient Buddhist teachings with contemporary insights.

It serves as both a scholarly exposition and a practical self-help guide, guiding readers along a timeless path of spiritual growth. From an exploration of matter and phenomena to the attainment of wisdom and a deeper understanding of life’s meaning, this book is enriched with numerous diagrams and practical examples showcasing the application of Abhidhamma principles.

The book is divided into four parts. The first part provides a vocabulary of insight, by presenting a revised overview of the basic items of the Abhidhamma system, summarized under the headings of matter, mind, consciousness and Nibbāna. The second part introduces a grammar of insight. It is an exploration of the 24 Paṭṭhāna conditions in relation to the basic items given in the previous part. The third part is an exposition of the Five Laws of Existence (Pañca Niyāma) that builds on the foundation laid out in the previous two parts. While the last part demonstrates how the knowledge given in the previous sections can be practically applied.

Periodically I release a newer version with some improvements. If you want to see the version history click here.

Keys to the Higher Life

This book, although not Abhidhamma in style, has yet been the preparatory work on my mind for my desired journey to explore the Abhidhamma system. 

It is a book about religion, about philosophy, spirituality, personal growth, and devotion to the higher life.

In it, I tried to show, that religion, or the spiritual life, too has its laws, just as those  laws of nature discovered by science in regards to the physical universe.
Thus, it is especially an attempt to move the practice of the religious or spiritual life away from the mere blind following of rigid formalised methods on the one hand, as well the equally blind experimenting of the few bold explorers on the other, into a world of discoverable laws.

In this book you will find ideas about the universe, about the mind, the body, and about meditation…about Buddhism and, a bit, about other philosophies.

Some smaller Writings and Essays

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