Breaking Bonds

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A human being is a social being,…that is why one of the major sources of human suffering arises through the interaction with other human beings.

So, especially people seeking to be a guide for others, have to understand the dynamic of such type of condition and be able to give a possible solution to the problem.

Being in a position of oppression, one has to put aside some time, to deliberately train in working with unwholesome forces…learning to rule them, rather than being ruled by them…this might require in some cases the deliberate seeking after and use of unpleasant situations of perhaps increasing intensity.

The stronger the bond, the harder and the more persistent a person has to work to develop the opposing qualities.
Thus the development of these qualities will require intelligent and strategical work not just during sitting meditation but also throughout the day. And depending on the condition of a person, ascetic practices or other more physical means might be necessary.

An inner strength thus cultivated, will develop into a faculty (faculty-condition) …and further on might develop into a power (bala) …which will be able to both understand and withstand any similar unwholesome force

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