Acting from a higher Plane

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In normal conditions regarding good ideas,… a good idea arises at your mind-door, and then the mind immediately lapses into the life-continuum, which afterwards vibrates, stirring you to action. Even worse than that, is, when a good idea arises at your mind-door and than a frustrating/obstructing kamma (viz. thought) arises, thinking it as not important to have good ideas (after which the mind again lapses into the life-continuum and after a short while perhaps adverts to some sense-object). Better than that, is, when a good idea arises at your mind-door and the mind supports it with continuing that line of kamma (supporting kamma).

Very often you might have a good idea, but it is immediately followed by some worry or laziness …

If we want to grow in wholesomeness we need to learn to grasp good opportunities and grow in them… we need to learn how to feed good ideas

An idea, being mental in nature, arises in a semi-physical medium …in Chinese tradition called Qi, in modern terms, a blood compound containing various elements amongst which are some called Hormones…in the Abhidhamma model…nutriment born and mind born matter…It is the purity of this substance, which is also influencing the purity of the ideas…Controlling this substance, one may also learn to control the manifestation of ideas. Allowing this substance to flow, will help to feed a good idea. Obstructing the flow of this substance and burning its fuel (in the body) will help to starve a bad idea.

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