Concepts 2

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A concept is a synthesis of mind-objects (bits of information) arrived at through mental processing.

Through processing the objects of the 5 senses, as well as through learning, the mind evolves concepts about the world which enters through the senses. These concepts once anchored in him (lit. ‘taken in’- tadārammaṇa) will bind him to that particular sphere of existence.

In the sense-sphere world, one of the first, primary division of things conceived of (i.e. concepts) will be, naturally following the primary division of feelings of pleasure and pain, the division into ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. By nature, whatever brings pleasure will be conceived of as ‘Good’, while whatever brings displeasure or pain will be conceived of as ‘Bad’.

Then, desirous of going higher, attempting to attain higher spheres of consciousness (Jhānas), the mind requires more “All-encompassing” concepts, that allow for a broader vision of things. Therein too conceptualisation takes place and a ‘Right’ will be distinguished from a ‘Wrong’.

A mind that has become accomplished in a broader vision and experiences of a higher nature, will then oftentimes seek for initiation into the greater secrets of the ultimate nature of the world and the path to its transcendence. The realisation of which equally will depend on finding the ‘Right’ as distinguished from the ‘Wrong’.

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