Some thoughts about non-self

The topic of non-self is a problematic topic in Buddhism. Often even Buddhist monks will feel a little bit embarrassed when being asked about it. Many a somewhat thinking person…


Pañca Niyama – Laws of Existence

Note: For a proper introduction to the subject please read the post following post first. By learning to comprehend different relations between mind and matter (as shown in the…


Keys to the Abhidhamma System

This blog is an outline of the Buddhist Abhidhamma. Its aim is to show a method of contemplation, giving those who are inclined to meditate on the Abhidhamma, subjects or headings for meditation, all of which point in a definite direction, one subject providing a basis for the next.


The Inner Science

In the ancient world, the wise man was often called the knower of the gods. The gods signifying hidden entities which were believed to be the controlling agents of the…


Acquiring Knowledge

Now let’s talk about practical matters. The Abhidhamma system may indeed be used for an almost infinite amount of things. Principally should the study of this system give a person…

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