4 Using the Mind

Using your mind Just repeating something that was said before,... are you using your mind?...If you make a calculator that only shows the input as output..who would buy it? ...Yet,…



Based on knowledge, there may arise a certain faculty, that can perceive a myriad things at one singular glance. This faculty may be termed intuition. It is, when a mind…


Unwholesome Emotion

If we want to learn how to transcend unwholesome states of mind, we need to make a start in understanding those little understood inner forces that we experience as undesirable emotions.

It is only through true understanding, that we may transcend the ignorance which is at the root of all unwholesome emotions.

Here only two examples of some unwholesome emotion and how the understanding of it can help to overcome (/transcend) it.



The Fool and the Wise

The fool and the wise often are equally simple natured beings. The main difference therein is, that the fool unconsciously yields to laws which he neither perceives, nor understands. While…