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Anger, Desire and Delusion

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Anger is life resisting life. It is when life is identified with what it is not, that it resists its own flow. But as lives vision of life becomes more complete, life learns to flow with life in an unobstructed manner.

Anger is a form of resistance of the higher part of ourselves,…an awareness of the contradiction between certain sense-impressions in relation to our path. Wherein these appear to hinder the flow of life from moving in the direction of that path.
That path is not as yet a self-chosen path, but a path as outlined by our culture, upbringing and the wave of evolution itself.
It is a path of still seeking fulfilment and power in concrete things without.
It is only when a person starts entering the path of involution, that is, not seeking anymore experiences without, but working in conjunction with life, learns to comprehend life, that there becomes possible a complete transcendence of all forms of anger.


Desire is life thirsting for more life. It is when life seeks for life in dead things, that its thirst fails to become quenched. When life sees itself expand, its desires start to subside. As life starts to realise itself, it ceases to seek life where it can not be found, thus its thirst starts to be quenched more frequently. When there is nothing left to be realised by life about life, lives thirst for life will have come to its end.

Desire is a thirst for more life. When we are identified with sense-impressions coming from without, there will be no ending of this thirst. Yet, as we progress, we learn to identify with ever higher things, thus our thirst seeks quenching through ever purer waters, with ever greater thirst quenching capabilities.


Delusion is life blinded by dead things. It is when life grows eyes for itself, that it begins to see what used to blind it.

Delusion arises, where we have not yet learned to see,…as our knowledge of life develops, we learn to remain mindful in all the conditions of life

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