Meditators Consciousness

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A meditators consciousness draws around itself mental and material conditions of an appropriate type (secluded empty place… if people, perhaps only meditators and spiritual people…thoughts of renounciation, in peace with the world…spiritual thoughts…)

Another consciousness (f.ex. teacher consciousness) equally draws around itself the appropriate conditions…students,…people to teach…,mentality of a teacher

Thus a person aspiring to attain anything in meditation, should see to it that more often meditators consciousnesses arise in him (taking appropriate objects…)…and less and less consciousnesses irrelevant to the attinment of that goal (sense-sphere things etc.)…Consciousness conditions Nama-Rupa (Mind and Material things)…and Mind and Material things condition Consciousness

Mental factors

The mental factors in each case will function quiet differently…f.ex. what arises with a perception of ‘it is good’ by one consciousness, will arise with a perception of ‘it is bad’ by another,….what arises with pleasant feeling with one type of consciousness will arise with unpleasant feeling with anothe ,…so will the thoughts differ….one type of consciousness may arise with mentality that is able to sustain one type of thought, while another type of consciousness would never arise with even an applied thought regarding such thought object (topic),…evidently the intention and inclination of different types of consciousness will equally vary….as will be the attention…one type of consciousness will attend in one way to a certain object while another type of consciousness will attend in another manner¹ …and in the same way with all other mental factors.

The less varied consciousnesses we posses, the easier it will be to see around ourselves the appropriate conditions….

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