Stages of Meditative Development in regards to Body and Mind

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Concrete body….(42 body parts, 4 elements, etc.) …things are seperated by space and time… …things do not posses any meaning….just bare meaningless phenomena …this is the sphere of the earth…it is the sphere of multiplicity and randomness

Thoughts are short and unconnected…the mind taking the objects from the 5 senses…and considers them according to their apparent characteristics…

If things, out of faith or due to prior seeing are contemplated as impermanent, suffering and non‐self…the mind can be made to turn away from that world

Energy body (Uggahanimitta‐stage, Chi, Life‐energy, Astral‐body, etc.)….4 elements are balanced, blood contains the proper amount and balance of sugar and oxygen. Life becomes more rich…..things are more connected…a deeper meaning to things can be seen. This is the sphere of the moon…it is the sphere of duality

Thoughts are formatory but more connected and usually of an higher order

Being the stage of the ‘Uggaha‐nimitta’,…it is the sphere of learning (‘uggaha’ means study, learning)

It is the sphere of the struggle between good and evil…right knowledge and good kamma, such as prior work on oneself…will support the forces of good, while wrong knowledge (wrong information), lack of good kamma, as well as bad prior kamma will support the forces of evil.

Transparent (divine) body (Patibhaga‐nimitta stage), translucency of matter This is the sphere of the sun…it is the sphere of oneness and bliss

Thoughts are spiritual, pure, filled with wisdom and of a sublime character

(…but equally impermanent)

It is the sphere of vision and seeing

These are natural stages in the development of a person on a spiritual path…they should not be looked upon as depending on a particular posture of the body, such as sitting posture

They should be noticed and cultivated

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