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Sahajāta Paccaya – Condition of Synchronicity

Wherever mental or material phenomena exist in a relation of synchronous alignment, they will share certain qualities with each other. All such phenomena are grouped under this relation.

In ordinary life, whenever a person feels more “in tune” with life, it is due to some wholesome mind state arising in synchronicity with some pleasurable occurrence without. All magical experiences are basically due to this synchronous occurrence of internal factors of mind arising at the same time with some sympathetic life happenings without. Which is precisely the reason why magical experiences require knowledge that is applicable to life /sympathetic with life conditions.

Life itself is full of this magic of synchronicity,…hence the power which comes from studying life’s secrets. Every part of a living organism is functioning through the synchronous together workings of a myriad cells and further up the scale through the synchronous workings of various organs.

And if a mind, malleable, calm and possessed of knowledge, is able to synchronize consciousness with some living material phenomenon, such as certain bodily processes for example the breath, or even a certain other phenomenon of nature, it may thereby learn to penetrate into the mysteries of the animating life within and come to an attainment of samadhi.

Once the mind is in synchronicity (‘in tune’) with a certain object (internal or external), there becomes possible a comprehension of that object, which is distinctly different from ordinary intellection. In ordinary intellection the mind is just becoming aware of something and through an act of labelling, is turning it immediately into an mental object, which then is either thought about or reacted towards. Followed by another thought process, either related but more often entirely unrelated. All while the object still is present.

During an experience of synchronicity on the other hand, there occur many points of contact of a mind filled with knowledge related to the object and the object. The longer that synchronicity lasts the deeper the mind will be able to look into that object, perceiving a multiplicity where there appeared to be a unity.

It is thus that a person with knowledge may be able to comprehend a myriad secrets of the universe just by placing his mind into synchronicity with a particle of dust or by synchronising it with the flow of mental activity.

True love and true friendships are another quite different example of this condition, being much more characterised by this condition than by the condition of attraction. And this again is made use of in all group activities. Group meditations and initiation ceremonies rely precisely upon the effective use of this condition, usually producing much greater results than would be procured when these activities are pursued alone. As many people doing the same activity become more easily attuned to their thus common activity.

A yet other phenomenon that is making use of synchronicity is the phenomenon of hypnosis, wherein a person of strong willpower is seeking to align certain internal factors of the other person (except in a condition of autohypnosis) with a certain idea of his own will. The ‘how to’ becomes easily accessible to a person understanding this condition. The results of such hypnosis are very often only reversible when the person succeeds in synchronising his internals with a new idea, overwriting the previous one.

People of much sensitiveness often find their moods change in alignment with the condition of the moon or with certain unusual events, thus the comprehension of their condition equally may be found by comprehending this synchronicity condition.

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