Attraction and Unity

Here an example of how some understanding of the physiological processes and mental sequences described throughout this website, may be used to describe a meditative process of overcoming some personal problem. The benefit of which should be compared to the benefit of being able to describe music using notes.

For example, you find that you are attracted to something that you suspect to be the wrong type of thing. What ever it may be…girl, boy, smartphone, too young, too old, perverse, unhealthy, or whatever else… With an aim too gain some clarity of mind regarding this issue, you meditate. When your mind becomes clearer, you put in front of your mind that condition of attraction, considering that any time you loose clarity of mind this condition may overcome you.

Meditating, you feel into your body, how undifferentiated things happen there at first. How any sensation easily wins the upper hand of your mind. While when you pay attention to what happens, distinctions begin to arise and you begin to know, what is higher and what is lower.

You may also begin to notice, how certain organs, fed by nutriment begin to develop a mind of their own. And that, when you don’t become aware, how that mind at times becomes quite elaborate.

But slowly you too become aware, that whenever you do notice that, you cease to be identified with it. Gradually you realise that your brain is a better governor for your consciousness than the rest of your body.

Still, with time you start wondering, whether it is proper to make the brain only become attracted to those inferior processes. Slowly you discover, that the brain too has its interests, and that by pursuing the interests of the brain, you also strengthen its powers to control what is below it. But then, as you pursue that strategy for some time, slowly you find again, that that too is not really doing away with the problem. You start to long for a mind that is united and not just either diverted or ruled by force.

Little by little you seek out ways to integrate the interests of the body with those of the brain, while yet keeping the brain interested in what happens in the body. And doing thus, you start noticing a new mind and a new consciousness, which is neither of the body, nor of the brain, not undifferentiated yet not divided, not bodily but also not ignorant of the body, higher in interests than the interests of the brain, yet without ignorance towards the lower. Slowly, you become whole,… almost like a god.

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