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Ways of Knowing the Truth

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How to know the Truth?

If your only sphere of knowledge is the sensory world,…It does not make much sense to concern yourself with as to whether something is ultimately true, rather your best judgment can only be as to whether something makes sense or not. If it does not make much sense, leave it aside or reject it.

If you are a person, training in purifying the emotions, training in wholesome emotions, take as your measurement, as to whether something feels right. If something seems to not have the flavour of openness, of honesty, of love and devotion to the good, you reject it.

If you are training in making the immaterial sphere a reality for you, perceiving particles, perceiving mental phenomena, you will have to break down whatever you want to test as to its truthfulness into its constituent parts. If the inner components, do not fit by natural arrangement together, but are unnaturally glued to one another, you will understand in this sphere, that something is untrue.

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