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Healthy Mindfulness

Nowadays it is perhaps more important than ever, that we learn to better look after ourselves and gain greater control over the workings of our body. Thus increasing our potential for warding off disease and for developing greater resilience.

For accomplishing that more effectively, I want to offer this small pictorial description of the basics of four element meditation.

Of course, what I show in here are only the basic principles. The better one’s knowledge and understanding, the more complex conditions may be tackled and the more elaborate can become possible solution processes. I have shown throughout various other posts how to build up from what I show in here.

Those who are able to succeed in getting good concentration along these lines, may then try to further their understanding of the four elements, and how to balance them, by investigating also phenomena (i.e. things), outside of themselves. Especially food and medicine are the two things, which, if we understand how they effect our body, we may be able to use more effectively and beneficially.*

* Of course this is not meant as a substitute for a doctors advise or the indications given on medicine packages. It will take a pretty high amount of clairvoyance to understand the detailed workings of a certain medicine. But, the limits to this really depend only on the capacities of the meditator.

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