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How to develop Right Attraction?

Many a one would like to increase his own power of attraction, that is, his own capacity to attract whatever he may happen to like. Yet, he does not know how such an end could be pursued intelligently.

By repeatedly wanting things, no doubt a certain power builds up and by repeatedly wanting a thing of a particular kind, no doubt such force also becomes more specialised in its capacity to react with that particular thing. But the building up of such force ever works in two directions, because that wanting some particular thing without, itself is due to the attractive force of that particular thing. Thus, by increasing the desire for it, one equally supports the attractive force on oneself of the thing desired. Which in turn somewhat weakens the power to attract. Consequently this then again will have to be somehow counterbalanced. Hence an infinite cycle develops.

But then, thinking deeper about this condition, a person may ask, ‘What for this attraction towards things external’. An answer may come, ‘To have new experiences.’ But then again ‘What for having new experiences?’

…’Perhaps,’ some thoughtful person may answer, ‘because new experiences fill a certain sense of lack’. But then is it not possible to live without such sense of lack?, ‘How to become whole?’…A solution comes, ‘By conceiving of a condition of wholeness and attracting only what supports that conception.’ When this is done, consciousness, rather than being pulled around by what is attractive, begins to see, both in the good and the bad, opportunities for growing into that conception of wholeness. And a being that has become thus whole, really is the most attractive thing.

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