celibates demon

Physiology of a Celibate’s Demon

Now, our body needs nutriment. When we eat our food, that food gets digested in the stomach and then send further downward to the lower intestines. Along our spine, there are many nerve threads extending forward to the interior of the body, at some places only few, but at some places collecting into vast nerve-bundles. In a condition of perfect interior organisation, when food enters the mouth, it is well chewed before it is swallowed. Then, when moving downwards into the stomach, it is further broken down to a semiliquid condition in which it enters the upper part of the small intestine. Now, this is a place where many nerve-threads come together. It is called the solar plexus. In the most desirable working order of the body (at the vey least for the celibate), here the food ingested is just one semiliquid pulp that is very rich in nutriment. Thus, those myriad nerve-threads in that place become infused with ready usable energy and transport this nutriment rich blood upwards again, refining its composition in the liver, supporting the heart and move it further upwards still to supply modern mans most important organ, the brain. The rest of the material previously eaten, will move down, entering the large intestine, which will take out much of its water and prepare the rest to be evacuated.

But then, for various reasons, mans internal processes might at times function less then thus ideal… If the food taken into the mouth is not properly chewed, or too large an amount is taken, the material taken, might not get well digested in the stomach. Thus, it enters the upper part of the small intestines in a more solid condition. This then will result in, less of the nutriments of this semi-digested material being absorbed into the blood stream. Thus, more nutriment rich material moves further downwards, where there is another centre where many nerve-threads come together, that is the centre of reproduction, or sex-centre.

This, receiving a large inflow of energy, starts to become more active. And in a condition wherein the activity in the brain is less than that, it starts to control also the activities of the mind. For a celibate, the evident tasks that arise as a consequence to that, are to learn to eat more carefully, to allow the body to cool down so that the food does not further expand in the lower body parts and to increase the controlling activity of the brain.

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