Pathway to Heaven

Physiology of the Pathway to Heaven

Here I want to show, higher meditation experiences usually will only occur, when at least part of some higher Dhamma knowledge has become intuitive.

Below I give one example of a successful meditation; and in regards to it, I want to invite the reader to look if he can not find proves of an intuitive understanding of at least four of the Paṭṭhāna conditions. That is, that of Analogy, of Interdependence, of Sequence and of the condition of the Path.

When food gets eaten, it enters the stomach, where it gets further broken down into a semiliquid pulp. Moving downwards, it collects in the upper small intestine, where there are many nerve-ends coming together. This is called the solar plexus…Now, this semiliquid food pulp usually contains many nutriments. So those nerve-threads at the upper intestines are getting suffused with nutriments, which from there enter the bloodstream whence they spread through the whole organism. When this energy-filled blood is somewhat too rich or in anyway toxic, it will be purified by the liver on its way upwards and when purified can enter the most delicate part of the organism, the brain. On its way, in as far it has still not been fully purified to be qualified to enter the bodies heaven of judgment, the lungs will pump oxygen into the blood, which in reacting with the excess energy will help to burn up what is too much, transforming energy into gas to be excreted by the lungs through mouth and nose. When then this thus well purified blood moves into the brain, whatever there is of well-balanced energy or nutriment rich blood, is transformed into mental energy, thus concluding its journey on earth to enter its after-earth-life according to its own deserves.

This is the ideal intelligent natural working order of a well working body. But not only this, it is also the natural evolution of coarse-mattered life to a condition of highest perfection. Wherein minerals are turned into components of organic matter and organic matter is refined to ever greater rarity until it gives way to subtle forces of increasing order and intelligence.

Unfortunately, in real life, the body most of the time does not follow that perfect working order. So the mind can not find its heaven of rest within. Yet, longing for it, it ever seeks for it without, where at best a pale reflection of it may be glimpsed..

Not finding its heaven within or without, the mind is turned to a nature which follows its own ways, turning in circles as it were, accumulating more material than it can purify…making it ever more difficult to come to an end with coarse material and coarse experience…

On the other hand, once that mind has glimpsed some heavenly light and seen the beauty of a cultivated, yet natural order,…it learns to cultivate nature and experience in such a manner as to make it more akin to that perfected order it had glimpsed even only once.


This working order relates especially to the Paṭṭhāna conditions of Correspondence (Aññamañña Paccaya), Interdependence (Upanissaya Paccaya) and Sequence condition (Samanantara Paccaya).

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