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Understanding Chakras

Our Body transforms food into energy,… that energy travels through the body along certain channels (the bloodvessels for the most part).

Apart from that, there are certain centres in the body where many nerve-ends come together.

These nerve-ends are in direct contact with what is now called the sub-conscious mind…which is in turn in contact with (and influences) our conscious mind.

By bringing the conscious mind into contact with theses centres, we can learn to access the content of our subconscious mind (life-continuum) …and thus we can start making changes on what to different degrees for different people is the very driving force for the conscious mind.

But the energy which is flowing throughout our body is not just in contact with these energy centres within, but also with the 5 senses so to say without’, that is, it also receives information from the 5 senses. For ordinary people all these types of informations get so mingled up that it will be pretty impossible to tell apart from where a particular type of information came.

Yet as man evolves, he becomes better in distinguishing the source of a particular type of information and thus more capable of responding to different types of informations, both within and without.

A less evolved type of person eats, when he feels sad, starves himself, when he is already weak…gets angry at a mere bypasser when an impulse of anger has arisen within, feeds himself with even more information, when his mind is already running wild…is not capable of making distinctions in regards to the outside world (for example between a superior person and an inferior person, etc.)…as well as in regards to his internal world (what is a truth, what is a lie, etc.).

In theravada buddhism all that arises based on these centres is termed ‘the sixth sense’…

Knowledge of Life

Being a meditator, …one must learn to solve ones own problems…that comes from self-understanding…

…and being a good meditator, one must do so fast and deliberate…one must clearly grasp the nature of the problem and how it can be positively effected…this can be done by grouping things in an intelligent way…

In the example of the diagram…understanding ones problem to be of a physical nature (whether that be on a deeper level true or not)…using the points of reference in the diagram…one may try to bring about an effect by physical means, such as by taking medicines, doing exercise etc…or one may try to bring about an effect by emotional means, f.ex. through bringing about positive emotions…or one may expose oneself to positive sense impressions (which also will effect the emotions in a positive manner)…or one may bring about a positive change by more deliberately and extensively using ones mindfulness¹…directing ones mind to the problem and finding new (perhaps spiritual-) ways of thinking about it.

When working on the process of survival, one might want to (for the time being) remove or at least shorten any philosophical considerations, as they are at that stage perhaps rather useless and unnecessarily energy-consuming…¹

Equally when working on the removal of unwholesome emotions, philosophical proliferations will perhaps rather worsen the situation (as they might only justify ones negativities)…(but when working on them one might still want to keep a watch on the lower levels, …that is on the process of survival, …else the battle is easily lost)

Taking in new experiences through the senses again equally one should rather keep a watch over the lower levels, that is the realm of survival (whether one can afford it to take in new experiences) and the sphere of emotions (whether one is free enough of unwholesome emotions to take in externals objectively)…

Working of Chakras

The realm of philosophy,…the realm of abstract ideas…the realm of higher understanding…that is the sphere of the secluded person, who has to a fair degree mastered all the lower levels.

Turning the wheels

Try if you ever can succeed in thinking a good idea to the end…If you can, that is your working with the higher chakras (crown chakra)…Thus your capacity to turn the inner wheels yourself increases.

After eating,…see if you can have some more control of what happens with the energy that gets produced…if it just shoots to the head leaving you for the rest of the day ungrounded, as well as when shooting to the head, it feeds ideas that are perhaps not altogether useful for your present circumstances,…that will be your lack of capacity to turn the inner wheels.

Turning of Chakras
Opening of Chakras

To be able to keep the right type of energy in any of these centres, will be the primary method of cutting of any identification with an unwholesome force related to that centre.

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