Using Self-Knowledge to Cure Physical Problems

The Abhidhamma too may be useful when encountering physical problems.

For example:

Learning to recognise the four elements, may help a person to make a start in balancing out coarse imbalances of those elements inside the body. How this can be done will be elaborated on below.

Understanding the natural sequence of the functions of the body, a person may make a start in investigating into possible causes of a certain affliction he suffers from or prevent further afflictions from happening by arranging his lifestyle in such a manner, as to allow his bodily functions to happen according to their natural sequence.

Even an understanding of the various functions of the mental process, might help finding some solution to physical problems. In the first instance it will give the clue, that while there is a mind that can only think as dictated by sensation, there is also the possibility of the mind thinking apart from sensation, which, if it is employed and cultivated, may seek out solutions where it naturally would have been only stuck in problems. Then, as the working of consciousness is better understood, it becomes clear, that the formulation of clear cut ideas, followed by an appropriate intention, can program the workings of consciousness; thus allowing it to see things which without a clear intention it will not be able to see. A realisation which too can be used for more efficient problem solving, because as the mind learns more about the workings of the mind and consciousness, it understands more and more how to ask the right questions and how to receive the right answers.

At last, if a person gained a sound enough understanding of the workings of body and mind, as well as various principles in nature as shown in the part on the Paṭṭhāna conditions, he will become more confident in making experiments with his body and mind. Thus he may come to learn to cure his body purely with his mind by means of skillfulness in samādhi.

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