Laws and Experiences of different Mind-states

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If you follow the laws of earth well and intelligently, you may be able to procure positive results of a worldly nature.

If you have a thought based on a concept related to the deva-world, your consciousness partakes of the laws of the deva-world. As when you give something to someone without a thought of attachment, just thinking ‘It is good to give’. Thinking in this way, your thinking is in alignment with the laws of the deva-world, where everything is ever provided, where everything is ever flowing and where holding onto something, hindering the flow of life, will be so self-evidently painful. Your consciousness being attuned to those laws, will start to function in alignment with those laws. Becoming skilled with that, it becomes verily possible to live in heaven on earth.

On earth, you have to toil hard for your daily bread. While tuning into higher spheres, just ridding yourself of desire makes you worthy of gifts and a worthy recipient of the bounty that you start perceiving all around you, once you cleared the veil of worldly delusions.

Further still, if you attain samādhi, you yourself will start to become the centre of abundance and you will be law unto yourself more than in any of those previous conditions.

On the reverse side of things, if you break the laws of the human world (without taking refuge in any higher laws), you will get various undesirable results in that world. And if you do thus due to your consciousness being able to work only under the coarsest of physical laws, you will get only results that are in accordance with those laws.

You will be moulded in accordance with physical laws, where the strongest force bends or crushes all matter susceptible to it. There will be no consideration for your feelings or your mind.

Hence you will find, that what kind of laws govern you, is dependent on your spiritual development (viz. your general condition of consciousness). The coarser your habitual states of mind, the more you are governed primarily by the various laws of the material (and thus also for example social) world.

While on the other hand, if you dwell more and more in lofty thoughts and lofty states of being, the gravity of certain laws and forces will have no longer power over you, while different types of laws will start to govern you.

It is thus that the wise, by subjecting themselves to higher laws, can escape those of a lower order.

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